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Garage Door Portfolio

Silverdale, WA
November 2006

A local contractor contacted us for a commercial door installation on a newly constructed steel building. There were a total of 9 doors to be installed. Initially the client requested standard commercial doors. After analyzing the future use and functionality of the building, he decided that a more custom approach would be better. In addition, we used “follow the roof pitch” track to elevate the track and door system out of the way of equipment. Installation was completed for all 9 doors in 6 days.

Completed Door

Silverdale, WA
October 2008

Customer had 2 sites on his rental property. There was also an addition put on one of the existing buildings. Customer requested a new door be installed on the addition as well as the 3 other locations. We replaced 1 existing door and installed 3 new doors. Total installation time for all 4 doors was 2 days. Our client was so happy with our service and installations we were hired us to fix his home garage door (which was installed by another company 1.5 years prior). We also ended up installing one of his original wood doors on a family member’s garage as well.

Original Door Outside

Original Door Inside

In Progress

Installation Almost Complete

Completed Doors

2nd Bldg Completed Doors

Bremerton, WA
December 2008

Customer contacted us with regards to installing some commercial grade doors for a newly constructed lease property. Installations such as this usually take between 1 and 2 days to complete. Our client had a specific requirement that fork lifts do not hit the door tracks in the overhead of the building. We were able to meet his requirements by adding a 7 foot tall high-lift track versus a standard 18 inch track. The customer has since contacted us with regards to adding another garage door to the building.

Bremerton, WA
February 2009

We were contacted by a local contractor we work with to install 2 new garage doors on new construction. Contractor requirements were for one residential insulated door for personal vehicles along with a matching door to accommodate his RV. Installation was completed in 6 hours. We having been working with this contractor for over 2 years and continue to be their choice when it comes to garage door installations for their clients.

Bremerton, WA
January 2009

The homeowners purchased 2 entry level door openers from a large chain store, which also provided installation. However, when the installers showed up they informed the customer that his existing door was too close to the ceiling for their standard installation.

There was also a load-bearing beam directly in front of the right door track. We were able to lower both tracks, install a conventional trolly opener on the left door, and use a jack shaft operator for the right door. We also installed a fingerprint identification keyless entry system. Installation for both doors was 4 hours.

Port Orchard, WA
November 2008

The customer’s door would not open. We isolated the problem to a broken spring. Under normal circumstances we fix such spring problems on the same trip. However, after a full day of installations we did not have this particular spring type on the truck. So in this case we had the capability of clamping the spring temporarily so the door can be used until our return trip. Spring replacement was completed within 1 hour.